City of Marion

Explorer Program


Explorers Post 800

The Marion Police Department is home to Explorer Post 800, sponsored through the Boy Scouts of America. The purpose of the program is to introduce young adults age 14-20 to various aspects of law enforcement and to familiarize them with methods and attitudes of policing. Not all Law Enforcement Explorers are interested in law enforcement as a career, but the training they receive in leadership and responsibility will help prepare them for any profession.

The Marion Police Explorer program is supervised by School Resource Officer John Padgett. Members are expected to attend monthly meetings where they participate in training, conducted by sworn Law Enforcement Officers and Telecommunications staff. In return, Members of the Explorers Post are asked to provide services to the department and to the city during community activities and public events. They are usually treated to an annual event and get to participate in fun activities throughout the year.

We would like to thank the members of the Post and their family for supporting this program.

If you have specific questions or would like additional information about the program, please contact the officer Padgett directly at 828-652-5205 or by email at

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