City of Marion


The Marion Police Department was formed on March 3, 1844. The most well-known location for the Marion Police Department, was the Logan Street Address. The department occupied this building until 1994. This building housed the Marion City Jail, 5 Jail cells that were in use until 1973. Shared Space with the Marion Fire Department and City Hall.

In our early years the uniform shirts were hand made by Mozelle Wood. Mrs. Wood was the wife of Chief William Wood. The fabric for the gray uniform shirts was donated by Marion Manufacturing. In the 1960’s the department uniforms changed to blue.

The department dispatcher would work from 7am to 3pm. After 3pm all calls coming into the police department would be transferred to a call box. This call box was located on Main Street near where 5/3 Bank is now. The officer on duty would unlock the call box and answer his call for service. The department started out with 3 or 4 officers. This was to include the Chief of Police. Officers worked 8 hour shifts to correspond with the local mill schedules.