City of Marion


Detective Jenkins

Lieutenant Rusty Jenkins

Lieutenant Rusty Jenkins has been employed with Marion Police Department since 2000. Jenkins worked in the Patrol Division until 2009, when he transferred into the Criminal Investigations Division, as a Sergeant. In 2010 Jenkins was promoted to Patrol Lieutenant. In 2016 Lt. Jenkins returned to the Criminal Investigations Division taking over command of the unit.

The criminal investigation division consist of four investigators, whose main focus is to investigate felony crimes. These crimes can range from Murder to Financial Crimes.

Officers assigned to this division have received numerous hours of training on topics such as Interview and Interrogations techniques, Sexual Assault Investigation, Crime Scene Investigations, and Financial Crimes.

The unit has two certified CVSA operators, who are prepared to assist any officer with their investigation, if that need should arise.

One member of the CID unit is assigned primarily to the McDowell County Narcotics Task Force. The Marion Police Department, McDowell Sheriff’s Department, and North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations have combined forces to combat this epidemic that is affecting our citizens.